PD Fluted Cartons

Micro Flute Cartons

Our Corrugated Micro Flute Cartons are three layered cartons. Micro Flute Cartons offered by us are less thick and that is why they are used for light-weight packaging. Micro Flute Cartons, that we offer, have wide applications in many industries.

Advantages Of Our Micro Flute Cartons
  • First, the box made of Corrugated Micro Flute of this type, is light and quite firm. Micro Flute Cartons protect the goods better than other materials, and due their multilayer structure is less subjected to possible damages
  • Second, our Micro Flute Cartons are perfect for packing goods of small and big sizes, like food, cosmetics or pharmaceutical products
  • Third, structural abilities of our Micro Flute Cartons give us an opportunity to create “masterpieces” of packaging like Gift Packaging. These properties of Micro Flute Cartons can also be used for manufacturing display stands for displaying goods in super markets, etc. At the same time, Corrugated Micro Flute is cheaper and less polluting than the traditional materials generally used.

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